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Q & A with PCA

An ongoing series of getting to know PCA team members. Meet Mark A. Janszen.

Editor’s Note: This is an ongoing series of getting to know PCA team members.

Name: Mark A. Janszen

Job Title: VP Wealth Management

Joined PCA® in 2010

How do you think your employees or co-workers would describe you?

I will not speculate on their answers, but I know a few descriptions I strive for everyday as a person which would be ambitious, ethical, practical, considerate, intuitive, unassuming, and diligent.

If you could trade jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be?

I was a baseball player so I would love to be a starting pitcher in a playoff game for the Cincinnati Reds for my one day job swap.

What aspects of your work do you most enjoy?

As a Certified Financial Planner ® I enjoy helping families navigate their complex financial goals to strive towards the ultimate goal which is financial independence. I also enjoy the competitiveness within the industry, and the constantly evolving education & strategy.

What have you most recently crossed off your bucket list?

I attended a Cincinnati Red’s spring training game in Scottsdale, AZ.

What company or organization other than PCA, do you admire?

I admire the work being done at City Link Center downtown Cincinnati. This center helps the working poor or those in poverty try to grab the elusive “lucky break”. The individuals go because they want to go, and they want to put in the work to better their situation and hopefully achieve self-sustainability.

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday?

Our typical Saturday is watching our kid’s favorite show, Paw Patrol, first thing in the morning, next heading to the gym, Chipotle for lunch, and then back home so the kids can nap and my wife and I can relax before the evening festivities.

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

This past winter my wife and I helped out a friend who was tackling a very difficult health issue. In trying to help her we were quickly reminded how thankful we should be for good health. We are stronger after being reminded not to take blessings for granted.

What is your favorite Cincinnati staple?

Double dip of chocolate chip and black raspberry chip from Graeters.

What is your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

A tie; Yosemite National Park and snowboarding at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

First, a role model told me when I was young to, “respect everyone” which I try to live by. Second, I love quotes, and two of my favorites are, “comparison is the thief of joy” and “the real measure of our wealth is our wealth if we lost our money.”

Mark resides in Erlanger KY, with his wife, Allie, and their two children Findlay and Graden. Outside of PCA Mark enjoys being with his family, attending road games for his favorite sports teams, snowboarding, golfing, and volunteering at both Crossroads Church & City Link Center.