Cheryl Rogers

Payroll Integration Specialist

2010 - Present

Cheryl Rogers

Cheryl Rogers's Bio

Cheryl joined Pension Corporation of America ® (PCA) in 2010 as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) on the 401(k) Administration team. Excelling at the CSR position, Cheryl moved to an Assistant to the Sr. Account Manager staff, where she gained valuable experience as both a Contribution and Distribution Processor. Cheryl’s expertise in PCA’s processing systems and regulatory practices, paved the way for her promotion to Processing Supervisor in 2018. Successfully managing both the Contribution and Distribution teams, she then took on the additional role of Payroll Integration Implementation Specialist in 2020.

Prior to joining PCA, Cheryl worked in the banking industry specializing in customer service for credit card services, bill pay, and major accounts for checking and savings.

Cheryl has expanded her industry knowledge by spearheading PCA’s Payroll Integration implementation processes. Besides successfully establishing payroll integration for over 120 clients, Cheryl remains the sole contact for client support for all Payroll Integration. Cheryl participates in the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) continuing education courses, required to stay current in industry best practices.